Learning and Communicating


Networked learning is a process of developing and maintaining connections with people and information, and communicating in such a way so as to support one another's learning.

Int   Interpersonal, organizational and educational online communication:
1.     Connecting people in workplaces and educational institutions
2.     Supplement for other communication channels
3.     Support for diverse interpersonal and group interactions and activities
4.     Development of online relationships


Communication skills are the set of abilities and techniques needed to make other people understand the thoughts that you wish to convey.

One-to-one communication
  1.  Understand the importance of one-one communication
  2.  Select the most appropriate method to communicate
  3. Prepare to communicate with an individual
  4.  Communicate appropriate and effectively
  5.  Maintain appropriate records of communications
            Effective communication
  1.  Understand the communication process
  2. Appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of different methods of communication
  3.  Recognize which communication method to use in a range of work situation
  4. Describe the key stages in the communications process


Functions as an active participant
Works as a problem-solver

Good team players are active participants.

They don't look for others to fault, as the blamers do. And they don't put off dealing with issues, the way avoiders do.

They come prepared and listen and speak up in discussions.

Good team players are willing to deal with all kinds of problems in a solutions-oriented manner.

They're fully engaged in the forum and do not sit passively on the sidelines.    

They're problem-solvers, not problem-dwellers, problem-blamers, or problem-avoiders.

Team members who function as active participants take the initiative to help make things happen, and they volunteer for assignments.

They don't simply rehash a problem the way problem-dwellers do.
Shows commitment to Forum (Group)
Demonstrates reliability

Strong team players care about their work, the team, and the team's work.

Reliable who gets work done and does his fair share to work hard and meet commitments.

They show up every day with this care and commitment up front.

He or she follows through on assignments. Consistency is key.

They want to give a good effort, and they want other team members to do the same.

All posts can be trusted        

Team players who show commitment don't come in any particular style or personality.

Do not post “garbage “information.

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