Using the Internet: Using Competency

                         Ø  Spell Check
        Ø  Do not write in capital letters 
                         Ø  Do not send e-mail at night
        Ø  Tell the truth on-line 
                     Ø  Use discretion when sharing information

The Do's and Don'ts of Using the 

Ø  Use the Internet to help with schoolwork. 
Ø  Use the Internet to meet children in other countries 
Ø  Be careful with your personal information.
Ø  Respect the privacy of other users on the Internet
Ø  Be careful when you copy programs from the Internet

Ø Don't give your password to anyone.
Ø Don't arrange to meet anyone you've met on the Internet
Ø Don't try to break into computers.
Ø Don't make copies of any copyrighted material
Ø Don't copy material that you find on the Internet and pretend that it's your own work.

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